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For one long month, these men endured the itchiness of newly-sprouted facial foliage. Was it worth it? We think so.

November has come and gone and now it’s time for the Daily Dot to announce the winner of its first No Shave November Tumblr contest.

It was a close race right up to the end, with our eight remaining contestants really stepping up in the eleventh hour. In the end, some beards were longer and gnarlier than others, but everyone put their best faces forward.

Here’s how the final decision was made: Over the last month we looked back to see how often our final eight contestants updated their blogs with photos, how noticeable their beard was and, most importantly, were they having fun with the whole no shaving bit.

Taking those main three criteria into consideration, and others like blog design, the winner of first annual Daily Dot No Shave November Tumblr contest is Jason, 27, who runs “Just a man and his Dogs.”

Over the last month Jason, of Miami, Fla., has been a beard-growing champ. Almost every week he posted no less than two photo updates, often done with Instagram, a photo application that allows people to add filters and cool effect to their pics. Some of his photos were serious while others included his pooch. But in the end, they all included shots of his beard, which was pretty epic.

Our runners up were Rob of “Pop Scenesters,” Matt Mouser of “Why wade when you can dive in,” and the man behind “Like the thing Batman drives now!” who even shed a little blood (and contemplated keeping a neckbeard) in the end. These three gents kept the weekly updates pouring in and really put their faces on the line.

Jason will receive a fancy beard scarf (similar to this one on Etsy) so he can keep his cleanly-shaven face warm. If we can’t reach Jason, or he happens to decline the prize, we will move through the list of runner-ups until someone takes this fine garment off our hands.


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