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Now you can buy a beer and get an album all at once

Looking for the new Lights Out album? Check the side of an Aeronaut beer can.

Feb 28, 2020, 9:08 pm*



Chris Tognotti

As the music industry has changed with the rise of the internet, it’s helpful to have a dynamite hook to lure people in. For example: why not sell an album paired with a craft beer?

That’s the scheme behind the Lights Out’s latest release, a sci-fi inspired album titled T.R.I.P. It’s not terribly important whether you’ve heard of them before, or whether you were eagerly awaiting the album’s release, or even whether the idea of science-fiction infused rock excites you. 

What’s important―crucially important, provided you’re of drinking age and enjoy a solid imperial IPA―is that there’s now a way to snag an album and some hops-laden beer in one fell swoop.

The beer in question is a special brew made specifically for the album’s release, called “T.R.I.P,” the pilot offering from Aeornaut’s Intergalaxyc line. According to the band’s guitarist Adam Ritchie, it’s got “galaxy hops,” and “fuels your trip through the multiverse.” Says Ritchie:

The beer fuels your trip through the multiverse, and the album is the soundtrack to that journey. Aeronaut embraced the spirit of this album from the start, and was the perfect co-pilot to help us bring T.R.I.P. into this reality.

Cans of T.R.I.P. come with a code to download the album for no additional charge. So, worst case scenario, you don’t like the album, and you still get some adult beverages for your trouble. And, for the record, T.R.I.P. clocks in at 7.5 alcohol by volume.

Sadly, you can’t find Aeronaut beer just anywhere, as it’s a craft brewery based of out Boston. You’re basically out of luck if you don’t live in Massachusetts, but if you do, there are dozens of places it can be found. The locations where their beers are sold are listed on the company’s official website.

Update 5:28pm CT, Nov. 6: This article has been updated to include additional information about the T.R.I.P beer as well as add that Ritchie is the Lights Out’s guitarist and not the band’s frontman.

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*First Published: Nov 6, 2016, 7:32 pm