‘Bachelorette’ fan crowdsources money to replace Evan’s ripped shirt

Chad Johnson of ABC's the Bachelorette

Screengrab via The Bachelorette/Facebook

Got a couple bucks to spare, Chad?

Bachelorette fans across the world are still grieving the loss of Evan’s shirt after his recent altercation with Chad. One fan has gone as far to launch a GoFundMe account to raise funds to replace the iconic V-neck.

Chad Johnson—who has taken to buying up the domain names of his fellow contestants—ripped Evan Bass’s shirt in a recent episode after Bass insinuated on TV that Johnson uses steroids. Johnson, who is the villain of this season, has a history on the show of acting violent and irritable. 

Bass said he hoped to inflame him in front of bachelorette JoJo Fletcher, so she would see his true colors. But after Johnson ripped his shirt, he refused to buy Bass a new one. 

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The GoFundMe, created by fan Jordyn Whitmeyer, had raised $125 at press time. The initial goal was $100 and was reached within three days, and the GoFundMe page has been shared 46,000 times.

“Chad ripped Evans shirt,” Witmeyer wrote on GoFundMe. “He needs a new one. Anything helps. If he can’t get a red rose, he deserves a red shirt.” 

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