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“Harlem Shake” producer Baauer answers the Internet’s questions

On Feb. 19, the latest chapter of the Harlem Shake sensation unfolded: Its creator, Baauer, hosted a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" Q&A.


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Posted on Feb 19, 2013   Updated on Jun 2, 2021, 12:21 am CDT

On Feb. 19, the latest chapter of the Harlem Shake sensation unfolded: Its creator, Baauer, hosted a Reddit AMA.

The producer and artist, born Harry Rodrigues, answered redditors’ queries using the handle baauershake. The session, posted to the r/music subreddit, received thousands of upvotes and over 3,000 comments. The community discussed everything from the unexpected popularity of the video to Baauer’s history in music.

Redditor realwords got in on the action early with a five-part question:

1. What would you say has been your strongest cultural influence in the music you make? Do you have any particular artists who inspire you?
2. How early did you start producing music? Did it ever come at the sacrifice of another hobby you loved?
3. For any teenager who say, wanted to start producing cough, what critical pieces of advice would you give them?
4. If you could work with any artist, production wise or providing lyricism, what would it be?
5. WTF is up with Azealia Banks? I like some of her music, but her behavior towards people in the music industry is a little inexcusable…. I know it’s a lot of questions, but I know this is probably the one time I’ll be able to ask you some of the things I’ve always wondered about. I’d really appreciate it if you answered, and thank you SO much for making music and doing this AMA! (realwords)

1. I take influences from all different cultures, but growing up in london was probably the most significant. Was really inspired by Hudson Mohawke, and the whole luckyme sound.
2. I was 13 when i started making music. Never really got in the way of anything. i always made time for music.
3. find out what makes you, you. and stick with it.
4. I think itd be fun to work with Pharrell
5. I think shes an incredibly talented artist, who sometimes spends more time beefing than creating.”

what is your favorite Harlem Shake video? (KoalaYummies)

I think the under water one is pretty great. also the T-Pain one.

Do you feel that the viral craze over the “Harlem Shake” videos has changed how people view your music? I listened to trap music and had heard your songs numerous times before the videos first came out and it seems to be taking away from your credibility as an artist. In other words, does it annoy you that you are only now receiving significant praise due to the competition for the stupidest 30 second video? (KGDaMarauder)

The viral craze was something totally out of my control. I see it really positively. at the end of the day lots of new people are listening to my music. Im hoping that my music will speak for itself.

Has your recent fame brought you any opportunities you want to talk about? What do we expect to see next from Baauer? (Lurknasty22)

People want to give me free clothes which i really fuck with.

Will you be buying Frank lunch for his aid in helping your music reach millions? Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized Duck? (blanketswithsmallpox)

Pizza is on me. Why am I fighting what do they want I think we could work something out before it gets physical?

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*First Published: Feb 19, 2013, 11:44 am CST