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Photo via David Shankbone/Flickr

Move over, David Attenborough.

Move over, Sir David Attenborough, a new nature commentator is moving in.

Even though the BBC has traditionally had England’s most famous naturalist do the narrating on their nature specials, a recent Netflix glitch reportedly replaced him with stand-up from Aziz Ansari.

Redditor BenMeiri84 apparently settled in for a relaxing evening of animal facts and instead found himself reading the subtitles to Ansari’s Live at Madison Square Garden. Both Planet Earth and the hour-long standup special are currently available to stream on Netflix, so the mix-up seems technically possible, but the company has yet to verify whether it actually took place.

No matter what, the screenshots are funny to scroll through:

Nature: now more relatable than ever.

H/T Mentalfloss

Update 1:27pm CT, Aug. 4: Speaking with the Daily Dot, a Netflix employee stated that the company is looking into the legitimacy of the glitch.

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