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You can’t get the “Parks and Rec” funnyman’s latest at Best Buy.

Aziz Ansari stepped a bit closer to total Internet domination Tuesday as he released a new comedy show exclusively online.

“Dangerously Delicious,” a one-hour special, is available for download and streaming at his website for $5.

Comedians are increasingly going direct to fans instead of taking the traditional route of, say, appearing on a network like Comedy Central and selling DVDs. In December, Louis C.K. premiered a new comedy special online. Within four days of its release, C.K. made more than $200,000 in profit.

Ansari credited C.K. for the idea, he wrote on his Tumblr.

Ansari still gets a lot of old-school media exposure by playing the overconfident Tom Haverford on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. But he is also active on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. He regularly conducts only-on-the-Internet pranks like engaging in a Twitter war with President Barack Obama.

While C.K. relied on an appearance on the social news site Reddit’s popular r/IAmA interview forum for publicity, Ansari could blaze his own path.

Given his Haverford character’s popularity on Tumblr, we have a suggestion for Ansari: Promote this special entirely with a series of animated GIFs.

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