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A thread on the social news site led to a sprawling account of  the best hidden gems in movies, video games, and television. Here’s a curated list of our favorites. 

Reddit knows where to find the best Easter eggs—and not the painted ones created for the Christian holiday.

These eggs are hidden jokes or messages in films, video games, and apparently, theme parks.
Today one redditor surveyed the popular section r/AskReddit for their favorites. Here’s a list of what Reddit brought back in its collective basket.


  • Haroldoftherocks: On the Memento DVD you can make the movie play in chronological order. I haven’t done it in a while but thissounds [sic] like how I remember it.
  • freefaller112: Pixar wins every time. The Pizza Planet truck reccurence [sic] is my personal favorite, but I also love how they manage to incorporate the future characters of upcoming movies into the previous ones secretly. For example, “Nemo” from Finding Nemo is one of the toys on the floor in Monster’s Inc. Wall-e is driving a car in the credits of Ratitouille [sic]. Doug the dog from UP chases Remy the rat in Ratitouille [sic]. It’s genius.
  • m_bird13: lord of the rings III extended: there are two on the Special Edition DVD. On either disk, scroll to the end of the chapter selection page and press down once more on the bottom one to highlight a hidden ring icon. Press enter to view: Disc 1, a gag interview with Dom Monaghan and Elijah Wood. this is freaking hilarious Disc 2: the MTV movie awards spoof interview with Peter Jackson, Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughan. pretty good too. there are plenty of easter eggs on the other extended films but these are my favorite.

Theme parks

  • Mariokartmaster64: In Universal Studios, FL, they shut down King Kong the ride and replaced it with Revenge of the Mummy. In Revenge of the Mummy there is a room with a bunch of gold statues. If you look closely on the left there is a small gold statue of King Kong!
  • Wonderlandian: In the queue for Twister, there is a car that fell through the roof of the house you are walking through. The car honks, the lights flash, and the tires spin. On one of the tires, you can see something stuck to it. It’s impossible to tell what it is. If you hang out until it stops, it turns out to be a mashed set of mouse ears from our neighbor down the road =)
  • kilgore_trout33: similar to this.. when they tore down mr. toad’s wild ride to make way for the winnie the pooh ride at magic kingdom in walt disney world, there were huge protests and petitions. if you look closely as you’re going through owl’s treehouse there is a painting of mr. toad handing the deed over to owl.
  • Robofetus-5000: Probably the craziest one in real life is the hidden Mickey Mouse heads in Disney. They are EVERYWHERE on rides. Like the haunted house, you could literally go crazy searching for them and still not find them all.
  • Finalcut19: I heard that there’s also images of Donald Duck everywhere, but that’s essentially like playing a game on hardcore mode. People who have worked there for years can’t even find a handful of them.

Video games

  • Vahntitrio: Scarab Gun – Halo 2. There will only be one cause of death for you once you possess it: suicide. And you will commit suicide with it.
  • JonAudette: AREA 51 arcade: Shooting the first three cops that are on your side, one bullet each. Opens up some weird type of “Predator”-style thermal view, and all sorts of shit goes crazy.
  • cralledode: At the top of the Gant Bridge in GTA: San Andreas
  • alaconz: I think the very first time experiencing an Easter Egg was when I was playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and I went to see Zelda as Young Link. I was looking around and saw paintings of Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, Peach…
  • Kind of blew my mind as a kid.
  • nutzboltz: The LOST style plane crash into an island in Just Cause 2.
  • the_janitors_mop: the microsoft sidewinder joystick, if you take off the bottom piece all [the] people who worked on it had their signatures put into the plastic mold.
  • bg-j38: ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A (It’s the Konami Code.)
  • Shopsmart: In the bathroom during the opening sequence in Prey, if you walk over to the urinals, you can see a small dude drawn on the wall, with a spoon, saying “my spoon is too big.” I really liked that game.
  • arachnophilia: at the end of dragon age: origins, you have a big coronation party. if you go and talk to sten, he’ll comment, “i was told there would be cake. there is no cake. the cake is a lie.”


  • Thereisnotruth: Firefly landing in Battlestar Galactica
  • A_little_dancer: Similarly, there’s a scene in Castle when Nathan comes out in a pair of blue gloves. He stares down at his hands and holds up two fingers on one hand and then two on the other. It was so subtle, but I loved it.
  • “Two by two, hands of blue.”
  • aurum48: Apparently the Enterprise was in BSG [Battlestar Galactica] as well (sorry for the lousy picture).
  • PuerPessimus: Abed from the show Community delivers a baby. (…which occurs nine months after Abed tells the drunken STD fair attendees to not use condoms).
  • Scottiedog5000: Nathan Fillion’s halloween costume in Castle.
  • SynysterSaint: There’s an alien hidden in every episode of South Park (a post about it ranked pretty high in r/TIL not too long ago, IIRC).
  • rbeezy: Dexter uses a [1] Sabre printer  (from The Office). – In the “Homecoming” episode of Lost, Charlie’s date, Lucy, mentions that her dad was out of town looking to buy a paper company in Slough (reference to the paper company in the British version of The Office). – Oh also, Toby Flenderson went to my [2] university.
  • pinhead28: Not sure if someone has mentioned this already (so apologies if someone has posted about it), but, IIRC, there’s something about Wolfcastle in The Simpsons. If you piece together, in chronological order, everytime [sic] The Simpsons watched Wolfcastle in a movie on their TV, it forms a whole secondary story arc/it’s a story by itself
  • EDIT: Found the source. Apparently it’s true for when he was on the telly from 1991-1993

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