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Controversial 11-time ‘Jeopardy’ champion Arthur Chu finally lost

Another one bites the dust.


Patrick Howell O'Neill


Arthur Chu, the 11-time Jeopardy champion who has made headlines around the world with his unique strategy, has finally lost. He collected $298,200 during his reign.

Chu, 30, was trailing in last place on Wednesday night, but had a fighting chance up until Final Jeopardy when he couldn’t correctly answer “He was the last male monarch who had previously been the Prince of Wales.” The answer was George VI but Chu guessed George II. Close but no cigar.

Chu gained worldwide fame with an unorthodox strategy: He skips around the board searching for daily doubles and sometimes bets nothing on them, happy to simply take them away from opponents. He plays to tie, not win, and speeds through rounds so fast that he occasionally cuts off host Alex Trebek. The strategy earned him critics, but many, many more fans.

Those who have been following Chu closely reacted online as his defeat closed in.


— Mark Magowan (@_magowan) March 12, 2014

And Arthur Chu goes down!! What a run. Fastest and most aggressive thumbs I’ve ever seen now get a well deserved rest 👍 #longlivechu

— Xander (@lost_inthesauce) March 12, 2014

Not everyone was sad to see Chu’s exit.

Arthur Chu is outta hereeeee! Yessssss!

— Jasmine (@naturallyjas) March 12, 2014

Screengrab via ArthurChu/YouTube

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