Sorry folks, Arcade Fire’s $109 fidget spinners are sold out


Arcade Fire can’t be serious, right? Win Butler and his cronies have unleashed a dazzling troll campaign for their new album, Everything Now, apparently in an effort to start a conversation about literally anything but the quality of their music.

The band wrote its own middling review of the album last month and printed parody shirts with the Everything Now art plastered over the faces of Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Now, because God hath forsaken the human race and allowed us to become slaves to capitalism, Arcade Fire is selling its own licensed fidget spinner.

The fidget spinners double as a USB drive containing a copy of Everything Now. If super fans really want to express their devotion to the acclaimed indie rockers, it’ll run them $109. I was going to say this is a ridiculous gimmick that nobody in their right mind would support, but as I began typing this sentence, I checked Arcade Fire’s online store and saw the fidget spinners are sold out.

Sorry for the pessimism. If you bought an Arcade Fire fidget spinner yourself, you deserve to be satisfied with your purchase. You also deserve to listen to us talk about the band in our latest podcast.

H/T Consequence of Sound

Bryan Rolli

Bryan Rolli

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