Apple fan compiles ultimate Steve Jobs video archive


Steve Jobs Archive is a fan-created YouTube companion to Walter Isaacson’s biography of the Apple founder.

Who’s your favorite tech design visionary? Is it Steve Jobs? Can’t get enough of him!

That’s the sentiment expressed by Apple megafan Art Matsak, whose recently-created Steve Jobs Archive rounds up each and every documentary-style YouTube video centered around the late Apple CEO’s life and organizes them to match the chapters of Walter Isaacson’s biography of the digital device pioneer.

“The idea for Steve Jobs Archive came pretty naturally,” Matsak wrote on the website’s home page. “As I was reading Steve Jobs’s biography, I kept switching between YouTube and the book because so many of the historic moments described by Walter Isaacson are out there on video. The Macintosh launch. The iPhone presentation. The bouncing Pepsi caps demo made by Andy Hertzfeld in 1982. As I kept digging, I discovered more and more Steve Jobs stuff, some of which isn’t even mentioned in the book.”

The total video tallies rounds out to just over 250 clips, and while they’re mostly documentary-style, Matsak did admit to including a few second-source interviews and the great “Are You A Virgin?” scene from 1998’s Pirates of Silicon Valley.

“I think I’ve come up with quality material that will be fun to watch even if you’ve never read the bio,” Matsak wrote.

Photo via YouTube

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