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Get ready for the holidays with the Christmas edition of 10 Second Songs

The Ronnie James Dio impression was unexpected.


Aja Romano


It takes a village to one-up Mariah Carey’s classic performance of “All I Want for Christmas Is You”—or at least one guy imitating a village full of singers.

Lots of people need a jolt to really get into the holiday spirit, and Anthony Vincent, better known as the 10-Second Song Guy, is up to the challenge. Cleverness is more important than perfection in Vincent’s videos. His Christmas compilation sees him performing “All I Want for Christmas” in several dozen styles, from Blink182 to Alvin and the Chipmunks. Vincent’s versatility and enthusiasm more than make up for any, shall we say, vocal shortcomings.

Sure, the Bing Crosby imitation falls flat, but now we want a real Trans-Siberian Orchestra version of this song.

Which of the 20 styles is your favorite? We’re partial to the Charlie Brown Christmas version, or maybe Tom Jones. Oh, heck, can we just have full-length covers of all of these?

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