Adele tickets go on sale, and the Internet implodes

Tickets for Adele shows across the nation went on sale Thursday morning, and since she seems to be single-handedly saving the music industry with record-breaking album sales, it’s not surprising that buying those ducats wasn’t necessarily going to be a pleasant experience.

And for many people on Twitter, trying to buy tickets through Ticketmaster was an unmitigated disaster.

Even trying to procure tickets the old-fashioned way didn’t help matters, either by phone or in person.

If you couldn’t get Adele tickets—and that’s likely a whole bunch of you—at least you can listen to this kick-ass version of “Hello” to brighten your day.

As for me, my wife wanted me to get two tickets, and an hour into the experience, this is what I’ve been watching. I’m still waiting (without much hope).

Josh Katzowitz

But at least a few people succeeded in their lengthy quest.

Screengrab via AdeleVEVO/YouTube

Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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