Emily Hogarth brings joy to people in the form o fpolar bears, robins and garlands. 

It’s an art class rite of passage to fold up printer paper and snip it until it resembles a snowflake. It’s the sort of thing Emily Hogarth never stopped doing.

However Hogarth’s paper designs, with motifs of polar bears, robins and holiday garlands, would never be mistaken for a student’s work. In her namesake Etsy shop, she sells products garnished with her own elaborate paper cut designs.

“When designing any product my end goal is to create something magical that will bring a smile to someone’s face. ‘Making the everyday magical’ is my motto and I apply this to all my designs. We all need a bit of magic in our day to day lives,” she told the Daily Dot in an email.

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, the 26-year-old artist said she’ll be spending the holidays with her husband and family.

“This year we are in Scotland and will be surrounded by food and drink and merriment. Will also be doing a lot of home baking as it is a must around the festive season,” she said.

She said that no matter where she is, traditional Scottish elements always seep into her design motifs. She loves when her work reminds fellow Scots of their homeland.

“As my work is very Scottish-based it is always lovely to get order from Scottish people living all over the world. i love to send them a little piece of bonnie Scotland to remind them of home,” she said.

A seller since 2009, Hogarth said Etsy has expanded her business tremendously. Before joining the platform, she only sold her artwork close to home.

“Before Etsy, it would have been very hard for people outside of the UK to see and buy my work,” she said. “Through Etsy, now they can!”

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