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London 2012 organizers have five exclusive camera angles to capture the Olympic Games, each tied to a specific Twitter account. 

Photographers at the Olympics try to capture every heart-pounding, tear-jerking, muscle-stretching aspect of the Summer Games, but sometimes they miss the most intimate moments.

London 2012 organizers have rolled out five new Twitter accounts highlighting candid pictures from angles that the press can’t access. The Twitter accounts are spitting out pictures from the bottom the Olympic pool, the top of the basketball hoop, and a bird’s eye view of the Judo mat.

The accounts—@L2012PoolCam, @L2012MatCam, @L2012BBallCam, @L2012StadiumCam and @L2012GymCam—have 25,000 followers, collectively. The pool cam, not surprisingly, has the most with 5,500 followers. However, the gym and stadium cam accounts have been dormant since July 27.

Each account has its own personality, with quirky captions that the only the British can provide. The pool camera’s description reads: “I match the world’s best swimmers, stroke for stroke. They speed along on top. I race along the bottom, always looking up – and always wet.”

We collected our 10 favorite images from the accounts.

Photo via @L2012MatCam/Twitter

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