The latest to draw the ire of the man with the magical toupée is Deadspin, who on Wednesday broke the week’s biggest story.

Donald Trump will not let go any slight against him go unnoticed, as evidenced by his public rants against the likes of Jon Stewart, Lawrence O’Donnell, and a British director who made a film about the celeb realtor. 

The latest to draw the ire of the man with the magical toupée is Deadspin, who on Wednesday broke the week’s biggest story, exposing the fact that Notre Dame linebacker and Heisman Trophy semifinalist Manti Te’o had a dead girlfriend who wasn’t actually real. 

Since Wednesday, the day it was published, the story has been viewed more than 3.69 million times, a real coup for the Gawker-owned sports blog. The exposé was so widely read, it reached the highest floor of the gaudy Trump tower, location of the penthouse home of one Donald John Trump. 

Trump took time from his busy schedule of plastering his name on ostentatious buildings across the globe to congratulate Deadspin on a job well done:

The man with the firing hand, by the way, got one of the authors wrong. Timothy Burke and Jack Dickey, not Tom Scocca, penned the piece.

Instead of taking a compliment from Trump, the publication’s Twitter account responded in true Deadspin fashion.

Trump’s initial reaction was sorta like this:

GIF via mctalko/Tumblr

The Apprentice star then fired off a slew of tweets bashing Deadspin for its less-than-gracious response.

As is his hyperbolic nature, Trump’s last two statements were exaggerations

But, hey, when you’re Donald Trump, you don’t have to concern yourself with facts. The truth is only for plebes and poor people!

Trump didn’t stop there. He also took time to point out that Tom Scocca is leaving the site.

Scocca, Deadspin’s managing editor, is indeed leaving—though he’s moving to Gawker, the company’s flagship property.

The incident, as unpleasant as it was, taught Trump a very valuable lesson.

Too bad it didn’t teach him to stay off Twitter.

Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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