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This fanmade short film is torture for Wonder Woman fans

Why isn’t there a Wonder Woman movie yet?


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw


Why isn’t there a Wonder Woman movie yet?

For a while it seemed like it might even happen (Joss Whedon was signed on and everything!), but the project foundered, as did 2011’s extremely short-lived Wonder Woman TV series. Fortunately, independent production company Rainfall Films has stepped forward to fill the Diana-shaped hole in our lives.

Starring Rileah Vanderbilt, this fan-made short film has professional production values. It’s basically a trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist in real life. I watched it, and now all I want is more Wonder Woman. 

Popular rationalizations for not making a Wonder Woman movie usually boil down to the old chestnut that female-led superhero movies are doomed to fail. Either that, or the theory that Wonder Woman’s Greek mythology–inspired backstory will be too weird for mainstream audiences to grasp. Of course, Marvel’s Thor was a resounding success, even though it featured wormholes, Norse gods, magic, aliens, giant robots, and a final showdown on a sparkly rainbow bridge, but… Wonder Woman is perceived as being weirder. 

Rainfall Films’ video puts paid to both of these ideas. Even with no dialogue, Vanderbilt portrays an in-command Wonder Woman who flips seamlessly between our world and her own. So, fans, when will we get to see something like this on the big screen?

Maybe if we make enough noise.

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