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‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ fans are RSVPing to a midnight Netflix binge

Season 6 of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ drops on Netflix in just a few hours.


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The moment Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans have been waiting for since the show was cancelled last year is only hours away. Netflix will stream the final and sixth season of the Cartoon Network animated series Friday, and fans are already planning to stay up all night—and morning—to watch.

The 13 unaired episodes are being called “The Lost Missions” and will be released all at once at 12:01 a.m. PST. Star Wars fan communities are coming together for the big event, with blog Making Star Wars announcing a virtual “slumber party” for fans Friday. The blog will host a pre-airing chat on Twitter before starting a binge of the new season. People can join in both by using the hashtag #CloneWarsLive as well as the official hashtag #CloneWars. Other members of the fan community taking part include Rebels Report, Scum and Villainy Radio, and The Wookiee Gunner. Making Star Wars will also have a live video feed on Twitch, where they can be seen watching the show and chatting with fans.

The excitement for Season 6 has been building ever since it was announced, and fans have been expressing their joy on social media that the moment has finally arrived.

Season Six of Star Wars The Clone Wars comes out on Netflix tomorrow! And I have online day! YEEEEEEEAAAAHOOOO!!!!! #StarWars #CloneWars

— Lowell Renold (@LowellCarlRenol) March 6, 2014

Tonight’s going to be an exciting night! #CloneWars

— Johnamarie Macias (@BlueJaigEyes) March 6, 2014

Happy @starwars #CloneWars day! Can’t wait to start watching the lost missions!

— Jeff Reisdorf (@Jeph216) March 6, 2014

Is it #clonewars Friday yet?

— James Floyd (@jamesjawa) March 6, 2014

A few reviews of Season 6 that started to appear online this week have also given fans hope that these bonus episodes will fulfill their expectations.

“Just four episodes of the previously unaired sixth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars are enough to make you wish it would go on forever,” wrote SFGate’s David Wiegand.

If you can’t wait the next few hours for your Clone Wars fix, check out the latest “Lost Mission” trailer shared by Lucasfilm this week.

Screenshot via Star Wars/YouTube

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