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10 easy transformations from YouTube’s premier makeup artist/magician

Promise Phan can be anyone she wants, from Princess Zelda to Snooki to Drake.


Michelle Jaworski


With a little makeup, Promise Tamang Phan can transform into almost anyone.

The self-taught Nepalese makeup artist originally started posting makeup tutorials on YouTube in 2009 after she shared a photo of herself made up as Neytiri from Avatar, and since then she’s made more than 100 makeup tutorials to show you how to transform yourself into your favorite celebrity, fictional character, and in one video, one of the world’s most iconic portraits.

Phan is virtually unrecognizable in the majority of her tutorials, whether she’s pulling off Pocahontas, Adele, and even Michael Jackson. She mainly focuses on the celebrity transformation, but there’s also a number of videos to explain everyday looks.

With more than 1.4 million subscribers and 180 million views, Phan regularly captivates her audience with her transformations ranging from impressive to incredible, and it’s hard to stop watching once you’ve clicked play. We’ve picked out some of her best tutorials to get you started.

1) Neytiri from Avatar

There were already a couple videos on Phan’s channel before she posted this tutorial, but it was the look that started it all. Posted right around the peak of Avatar hype, it gave people plenty of time to practice before Comic-Con rolled around.

2) Michael Jackson

She has said that Michael Jackson was an inspiration, and she breaks down how to nail all the contouring so you can look like the King of Pop in time for Halloween. Just add a white glove, sunglasses, and a hat to get those extra details.

3) Beyoncé

You’ll never get to be Queen B, but here’s the next best thing: You might be able to look like her. Phan could pass as the superstar with a darker foundation, changing the shape of her lips, and a wig, but it might be a little tougher to get a realistic Jay-Z and Blue Ivy.

4) Rapunzel from Tangled

You don’t need to travel to Disney to feel like a Princess. Phan quickly sees after transforming into Rapunzel that life in her tower isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as her hair gets everywhere, her dog thinks it’s a toy, and she’s broke from buying gallons of shampoo. Bonus if you have your own Flynn Rider with a smulder.

5) Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence is the latest Internet darling, and with San Diego Comic-Con fast approaching, it may be time to channel your inner Katniss. Between her Hunger Games role or her everyday look, she can just as easily take down her fellow Tributes or the awards show circuit. Grace and wittiness not included.

6) Angelina Jolie

In one of her most popular videos to date, Phan captures Jolie’s smoky eyes and sharp cheekbones with more contouring. Even if you don’t like the actress, you have to admit Phan is a dead ringer after everything’s done.

7) Snooki

Phan recruited her normally camera-shy husband, Steve, to make her into Jersey Shore’s most infamous cast member as part of the “my husband does my makeup” trend. Phan didn’t help at all with the application, and the end result is less spot-on than others (although he can handle the job better than many who’ve tried before).

8) Drake

One of her shorter videos, she pulls her hair back to make it look like it’s short while using bronzer, an eyebrow pencil, contouring eyeshadow, and paint for the rapper’s stubble. And with her husband’s clothes, she may be able to pass off as Drake, but the musical talent is a question for another day.

9) Princess Zelda

If you need more cosplay ideas for convention season, Phan’s Zelda transformation is fairly simple. It only covers the makeup portion of the costume, but with some pointed ears, foundation, and the right wig, you’ll be on your own adventures in no time.

10) Everyday

When she’s not transforming herself into various celebrities or fictional characters with lots of makeup and fake lashes, she puts on a little bit of makeup for everyday wear, which she explains with the same ease as some of her trickier looks.

Photo via dope2111/YouTube

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