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Here’s ‘The Hobbit’ reduced to a 2-minute ‘Mean Girls’ parody

Seriously, Gollum. Stop trying to make precious happen.


Michelle Jaworski


Over the years, Mean Girls has proved time and again that it can be mashed up with just about anything and tremendously improve it. The latest from fangirl Leigh Lahav turns The Hobbit into a cliquish royal affair that almost justifies turning a 300-page novel into multiple three-hour films.

Despite the original novel and three films having a major lack of female characters, the set-up works perfectly. Gandalf is all-knowing, Thorin is the dwarf-scorned and out for revenge, and the Elven trio of Tauriel (who was created specially for the films), Legolas, and Thranduil make for the meanest species of them all.

There’s not a Mathletes competition or a rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock” to be seen, but when you’re handling a deadly dragon, that might have to wait for the post-slaying party.

And seriously, Gollum. Stop trying to make precious happen.

Photo via OnlyLeigh/YouTube

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