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Is Marvel’s new short all about Loki?

It’s called “All Hail the King,” after all.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw


In keeping with their recent tradition of including one-shot short movies on major DVD releases, Marvel’s DVD of Thor: The Dark World will come with a one-shot called All Hail The King.

Fans immediately began to theorize that the 13-minute short would be about Loki, who (spoiler alert!) ends the film on the throne of Asgard. However, previous DVD one-shots have never been related to the movie with which they were released, with Captain America spinoff Agent Carter coming with the Iron Man 3 DVD, and so on. So while Marvel fans may be desperate for some more Loki action, a more likely protagonist is Ben Kingsley’s character from Iron Man 3.

On the Thor dvd there’s going to be an ‘exclusive look’ on CA2 & a 30 minute feturette on the brotherhood of Thor and Loki is this real life

— Gabby Tomlinson (@gabbytommo) January 2, 2014


— Gabrielle Raven (@AgentGabrielle) January 3, 2014

Back in October 2013, Kingsley mentioned that he’d recently been working on a “secret project” with Marvel, with confirming that All Hail The King was filmed during a similar time period: August and September. It’s unlikely that a Kingsley-centric short will inspire the same hysterical levels of excitement as any potential one-shots starring Tom Hiddleston, but luckily, Marvel fans are more interested in the other special features on that Thor DVD.

Along with the typical behind-the-scenes featurettes, blooper reels and extra canon info, many fans are wondering if the DVD will include one particular scene that didn’t quite make it into the movie in its original state: Tom Hiddleston wearing the Captain America costume.

This scene was thanks to the fact that the cinema release of Thor: The Dark World included a surprise cameo from Chris Evans as Loki, disguising himself as Captain America. Evans was only available for a short time, so Hiddleston insisted on filming part of the scene himself—in costume as Captain America. No pictures have surfaced yet, but ever since Hiddleston mentioned that he put on the old red, white and blue, Marvel fans have been salivating for a glimpse of the original footage. 

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