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Why the Streamy Awards put some viewers to sleep

Just trying to be YouTube’s Golden Globes might not be enough for this internet awards show.


Lon Harris


Posted on Aug 31, 2023


The Streamy Awards returned over the weekend in Los Angeles for their 13th annual ceremony, handing out trophies to creators and influencers for the best in online content over the previous year. 13 years may not seem like a hugely long legacy compared to, say, The Oscars, but in internet years, that’s still a long time. Along with The Webby Awards—founded way back in 1996, when a lot of American families were still figuring out what the internet was and how to access it—the Streamy Awards at this point are very well-established, a genuine benchmark of achievement for digital creators.

As with any big awards show, there were a few news stories and surprises to come out of the Streamy Awards ceremony on Sunday. Iconic “NPC TikToker” PinkyDoll made an in-person appearance. An on-stage bit mocking Colleen Ballinger’s “Toxic Gossip Train” non-apology video went viral on social media. The trailblazing YouTube cartoon “Helluva Boss” was recognized as the top animated series. 

But, some eagle-eyed viewers noted that the audience was not particularly engaged by the on-stage action and seemed bored. Many pointed out that French-Canadian streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel appeared to fall asleep during the ceremony. In addition, on Patreon, QTCinderella called out the Streamy Awards for borrowing some categories and concepts from her own show, the Streamer Awards. …

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*First Published: Aug 31, 2023, 12:49 pm CDT