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Did MrBeast ruin YouTube?

After YouTubers JackSepticEye and MrBeast got into an internet feud, we are left with an important question.


Steven Asarch


Posted on Sep 5, 2023


Over the weekend, “Minecraft” creator Tom Simons posted a fun little YouTube video of him and his YouTuber friends taking a lie detector test. When Sean “JackSepticEye” McLoughlin was hooked up to the fib finder he was asked the most important question that goes through every content creator’s mind at least once: Do you like MrBeast? Without missing a beat, the Irish YouTuber with 30 million subscribers responded with an emphatic, “No.” 

Gasps circled the room, prompting Simons to ask a follow-up: Do you think MrBeast ruined YouTube, and if so, why? 

“Because it became more about views, money, and popularity than it did about having fun,” McLoughlin responded.

The video, considering the 5.5 million subscribers Simons has on the channel, went fairly unnoticed, pulling just shy of 800,000 in a few days. But McLoughlin’s portion was clipped and posted to Twitter/X, getting 39.6 million views, where the man behind the beast, Jimmy Donaldson, responded with the saltiest reply I’ve ever seen him publicly make. …

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*First Published: Sep 5, 2023, 2:16 pm CDT