10 favorites from the “Teen Wolf” fanart contest on deviantART

"This might hurt"? Nah, this won't hurt a bit.


Aja Romano


Published Jun 11, 2013   Updated Jun 1, 2021, 1:46 pm CDT

Teen Wolf‘s long-awaited third season has only just gotten under way, but the fans have been anticipating it for months. At deviantART, the season’s promo mantra, “This Might Hurt,” prompted a monthlong fanart contest at the teenwolffans community, with a sizeable grab bag of prizes for the winners.

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The contest ended yesterday, so before the winners are announced, we decided to highlight some of our favorites. 

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Lydia, Stiles, and Shirtless!Danny, by jasondriskil

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“This Might Hurt,” by 1000th

Scott balks at taking the plunge, by stupit-apit

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“This bracelet should not be worn while running. Unless of course, you are running from Alpha wolves.”

“This Might Hurt” aluminum bracelet, by thnksfrthwilliam.  

While Lydia is a bubbly, positive character on the show, recent developments could be sending her towards an angsty future—at least if these two fanart pieces are any indication:

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“Immune but not Invincible” by watdoumeanitstaken

“It won’t be us” by cappucino-noisette

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And of course it wouldn’t be a fandom contest without some shipping:

Some Stiles/Peter — “Obey Me” by miss-bluegrass

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Sterek – “Pulling you away from the demons of your past” by Syllirium

“From the Ashes” by amegoddess

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“This Might Hurt” (detail) by mopotter

Visit teenwolffans to view the rest of the contributions to the contest, meet other dA fans, and even contribute something yourself.

Illustration by angiezinha/deviantART

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*First Published: Jun 11, 2013, 8:48 am CDT