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‘He lays down on the bed and tries to like cuddle’: Woman grieving breakup says high-profile creator flew her out to L.A. and tried to sleep with her and ghosted her professionally

'I was in a very vulnerable state.'


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Posted on Dec 19, 2023   Updated on Dec 19, 2023, 2:03 pm CST

Big-time creators are used to getting what they want, which can lead to some uncomfortable situations when it comes to sex and relationships. And no one knows that better than Ash (@mellonballer), a TikToker who said she ended up “professionally ghosted” by a famous influencer because she didn’t want to sleep with him.

In a now-viral TikTok, the creator told the story of how it all allegedly unfolded. It all started with her being “absolutely devastated” by a recent breakup, which she ended up sharing publicly due to her own sizable social media following (she has 1.4 million followers). This, she said, led to an influencer offering to fly her out to Los Angeles to “cheer [her] up.”

“The first thing that I thought was, ‘What the f*ck are your intentions here?'” she said. “Because that’s always my first thought as a woman.” Ash said when she asked, the influencer said that he just wanted to be “nice” to her. Ash said when she asked others whether the influencer was genuine, they seemed to back up what he was saying.


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So, Ash gave him the benefit of the doubt and decided to fly to LA. She said things started to take a turn as soon as she arrived. She said he overstayed his welcome, then lay down on her bed and tried to “cuddle” her. “I had never met this man before,” she added. “This was the first time I had ever met this man.”

Ash said the influencer later took her to a party where, according to Ash, she was treated like a “foreigner.” She said that things soon got weird after another woman at the party tried to flirt with her. This, Ash said, made the influencer jealous, and he once again allegedly tried to overstay his welcome after dropping her back to her hotel room.

But the icing on the cake came the next day when, after shooting content together, he drove her back to the airport, Ash said.

“He was like, ‘So I’m probably going to ghost you, but I don’t really know,'” she said. She said he ended up fulfilling his own prophecy, later getting a girlfriend and unfollowing the creator on every platform. While it’s been two years since the interaction, Ash said she decided to speak up about it now because he has been “all over” her TikTok feed, and it’s “annoying.”

“It took me a long time to realize what was going on,” she admitted. “Because, like I said, during this time period, I was in a very vulnerable state. It was just not even a week after this massive change happened in my life [and] now I realize that he was trying to use his influence and … money and all of that to get me, who was already in a vulnerable state, to sleep with him.”

While Ash didn’t reveal who the influencer was, many commenters shared their suspicions in the comments section.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ash for comment via Instagram direct message and to the suspected influencer via email.

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*First Published: Dec 19, 2023, 6:00 pm CST