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‘Me pulling up to work just to fill up the milk all day’: Stocker shows ‘easiest’ job at Walmart

‘Im watching this the day i got fired lol’


Jack Alban


If you’ve ever worked in retail, then you’ll know that not all positions in the store are created equal when it comes to job responsibilities. Take Walmart for instance. Depending on who you ask, working as a stocker is one of the easiest roles in the company. In contrast, some say that electronics is the most difficult.

When it comes to grocery stores, a lot of commenters who replied to a recent viral TikTok video insist the dairy section workers have a pretty easy time. TikTok user Zach Burns, who goes by username zachaburns, is of the opinion himself.

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Burns posted a video while walking through the refrigerator behind the dairy section of a grocery store. If you’ve never worked in a grocery store, then his clip provides a sneak peak at what it’s like behind the row of milks.

He writes in a text overlay of the post: “Me pulling up to work just to fill up the milk all day” set to Drake’s “Forever.” For some reason, the blaring horns in the track and Drake’s vocal stylings combined with the visual is a recipe for comedy.

According to the Guardian, the amount of regular old milk consumed by Americans over the years has dropped significantly. The average U.S. household in 1975 used to drink approximately 24 gallons annually, but by 2018 that number precipitated considerably, down to just 17 gallons per annum.

Judging from the comments section, Burns’ post seemed to be more about shirking other work responsibilities so he could literally “chill” in the refrigerator to stock milk all day. That’s a workplace tactic that other users seemed to identify with. As one user penned: “Dairy the best spot no [cap emoji].”

Someone else suggested that this type of on-the-job behavior may’ve ultimately cost them their job, however: “Im watching this the day i got fired lol”

And then there are those who highly recommend working the dairy section because it is an area that is not closely watched by management. That allows them to be on their phone and enjoy the benefits of air conditioning: “Dairy was definitely the move. Got a $2 raise to stop being a clerk and use my phone in AC,” one user wrote.

“Dairy is the best spot to work also the easiest just,” another user echoed.

There’s another reason why working in dairy might not be as stressful as working in other parts of the store: It’s usually located at the back of a supermarket due to the fact that this placement is often more convenient for delivery trucks to access.

The Daily Dot reached out to Burns via TikTok comment for further information.

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