person with groceries and scooter in Walmart parking lot with caption 'Dude Is Trying to Do Groceries on a scooter' (l) person helping put groceries on carabiner on vest with caption 'see the carabiners' (c) person with groceries and scooter in Walmart parking lot with caption 'and he's off and there he goes' (r)

@queenvirgo_0582/TikTok by Caterina Cox

‘He’s somebody’s hero’: Walmart customer carries massive grocery haul on his Lime scooter

‘I want this man to manage my life.’


Jack Alban


Update: Upon further investigation, the video was originally posted by @jordanflomofficial, a TikTok account that seems to be dedicated to skits involving similar content. Our original article is below.

A scooter hero is captivating TikTok with his ingenuity in making a full Walmart grocery run using nothing but a Lime electric scooter, carabiners, a belt, a safety vest, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to bring home the bacon despite not having a car.

The clip, which has been uploaded by @queenvirgo_0582, is recorded from the perspective of a man and a woman inside what looks like a Toyota pick-up truck as they watch Scooter Man work his magic in a Walmart parking lot.

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“Dude is trying to do groceries on a scooter. There’s no way…” the TikToker says.

Scooter Man returns his cart before running back to his mode of transportation. He then attaches a belt to his waist and fixes a series of carabiners to them. The TikToker and the woman watch on in intrigue, wondering just how he’s going to get all of the Walmart groceries out of the parking lot, which includes several bags and a watermelon, on just a Lime scooter.

“He’s got like 30 carabiners that he’s hooking into his belt,” the TikToker says.

The woman in the car looks at the man in awe. “I wish I was that creative,” she says, before he unpacks even more items from a backpack. Next up is a blue reflective safety vest that he wears backward to add zip ties and even more carabiners to it.

“Should we ask him if he needs help?” the TikToker filming the video asks before they roll down the window and talk to the gentleman, who was in the process of flipping the vest around and zipping it up.

The TikToker asks him if he’s done it before, to which Scooter Man replies, “Yeah, every week,” while focusing on getting his carabiners lined up. He then begins attaching groceries to his carabiners.

“He’s somebody’s hero,” the woman says.

After fixing all of the bags he could to his belt, he then begins to work on attaching them to his vest. The TikToker once again rolls down his window to tell the man that he’s impressed. The man replies that the method works well if one doesn’t have a car.

He then turns to the TikToker to ask for assistance, walking toward his car while holding out some bags and asking him to attach them to the carabiners on the back of his vest.

After he’s fully loaded, he says that he only lives about a mile away from the Walmart, and confirms that he’s totally fine with his video being shared online.

But with all of the bags affixed to his person, there was still one question that remained: how was he going to transport the watermelon while on the scooter? The answer was simple: a baby carrier.

He straps it on himself and then plops the watermelon right inside as if he was transporting an infant around in hands-free mode.

“He’s like a true MacGyver he can come up [with] whatever to get it,” the woman says.

The man then scoots away, bags dangling off of him, with a watermelon strapped to his chest.

TikTokers were equally impressed with the man’s dedication. One person wrote, “This man is going to feed his family by all means necessary good for him.”

Another penned, “Shows how much we take for granted. He has humbled me,” while someone else quipped, “I want this man to manage my life.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @queenvirgo_0582 for further information via TikTok comment.

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