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‘Walmart offers free caretaking now?’: Customer asks Walmart register worker to watch his child while he goes back to get another item

‘Dropping off my daughter to you next week.’


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A Walmart cashier went viral on TikTok after witnessing a father leave his child at the cash register while he went to go find another item. 

Maria Alvarez (@marialvarez_x), who has previously gone viral for her videos about working at Walmart, uploaded the 11-second clip. While standing at the register, Alvarez had a brief conversation with the daughter, who reportedly said that she wanted to stay with her as opposed to going back into the store with her dad.

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“The father went to get something and asked me if I can take care of his daughter,” Alvarez wrote via text overlay. “She was telling me how when she’s older she’s going to take care of her kids, but rn she can’t cause she’s small.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Alvarez via Instagram direct message and Walmart by email for further information. As of Wednesday morning, her clip had more than 471,800 views, with a number of users praising Alvarez. 

“Aw you’re so nice,” one viewer wrote. 

“Dropping off my daughter to you next week,” another quipped. 

Another commenter who saw the post joked that they just learned of a new offering from the retail chain. 

“Walmart offers free caretaking now?” they questioned.

A 2021 Reddit post asked parents what was taking so long after they left their children at the checkout aisle. Responses included some horrific stories of parents who left their kids unattended for a few seconds—only to discover that they went missing. 

There were others, however, who said that they were the ones tasked with retrieving items that were left behind. “So was my mom the only one that made me go find something we missed?” one asked.

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