Student hit by bus becomes YouTube sensation

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“An energetic freshman student will always be remembered, as the boy who lived” after being hit by a bus on the University of Texas campus. 

“Foam Sword Friday” is a small annual tradition at the University of Texas at Austin. Armed with their aforementioned weapon of choice, students—mostly from the architecture school—line up on opposite ends of the street known as the Drag and proceed to charge into combat.

Except on this particular Friday, a serious injury occurred on the battlefield.

A student wearing a Barack Obama mask was hit by Capital Metro bus that ran a red light—and the entire, brutal incident was captured on film and recently uploaded to YouTube. Views are locked at 304, a sign that YouTube’s servers are struggling to keep up with the recent spike in interest.

“An energetic freshman student will always be remembered, as the boy who lived,” the summary states, interjecting some humor into an otherwise bleak scenario. “No buses present in this video were fatally injured. The driver’s future though…another story.”

Perhaps encouraged by the tone of the video uploader, PwnedSexily, the comment section also made light of the situation and trolled hard for controversy.

“Video is fake. There are no black people named Nick,” SkizzyMcfrazzlepop wrote in a top comment. “…Is the bus ok?” 

According to the Austin American-Statesman, the student miraculously only suffered minor injuries, and the bus driver responsible received a citation. 

Photo via YouTube


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