Starbucks customer asks for only 3 ice cubes

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‘I will count!’: Viewers defend Starbucks customer who asks for exactly 3 ice cubes

‘I feel it tbh.’


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A Starbucks customer has a very specific drink request that one barista is more than willing to honor.

In a viral TikTok slideshow that has amassed more than 610,000 views, user @irmuunira showed off a customer’s drink ticket that explicitly asked for three ice cubes.

“I WILL COUNT,” the customer apparently noted in the drink order.

The pick-up order for a cold 16-ounce Dirty Brown Sugar Latte with pearls, sugar, and exactly three ice cubes stunned the coffee chain’s workers.

“She scary,” the barista captioned the initial photo in the slideshow that showed the drink ticket.

The following photo showed the drink made with the price ice cubes requested by the demanding customer.

But in the comments section, some could relate to request.

“I feel it tbh, ice is a rip off ngl,” ShmegmaMale commented.

“No three pieces is the perfect amount!!!” user Eve wrote. “Last time I got a drink there was deadassss 80 pieces.”

Others shared similar stories of strange requests made by customers.

“Someone used to do this at my Starbucks but asked for 1 ice cube only and would ask us to remake it if there was more than 1,” one TikToker wrote.

“I had a customer who did 6 ice cubes every time,” user Caro said.

For Starbucks coffee lovers, September is an especially good time to grab a coffee. This month, the coffee has a BOGO (buy one get one free) deal dubbed “September Thursyays” on all fall drinks. The deal applies to all drinks– cold, hot, blended or even those with only three ice cubes– and runs from until Sept. 28. In order to get the deal, customers must be a Starbucks reward member, and the coupon is accessible on the app. The deal cannot be used on food apps like DoorDash or Uber Eats.

TikToker @irmuunira has gone viral in the past for other takes on everything from skincare, to drink favorites, and relationship drama.

The Daily Dot reached out to Starbucks via contact and user @irmuunira by TikTok comment for more valuable insights about customer/barista relations. We will update this story with any comments.

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