What in the world is a 'Spoderman' meme?


A short history of the Spoderman meme

From its origins in Dolan comics to its widespread use on various social media platforms, Spoderman has become a cultural icon.


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Posted on Dec 31, 2023   Updated on Dec 15, 2023, 3:32 pm CST

The Spoderman meme, a quirky and humorously distorted version of Spiderman, has carved itself a unique niche in internet culture. Starting off as an MS Paint character that often appeared in the Dolan comics universe, Spoderman, also known as Spodermen or Spooderman, is recognized for intentionally poor drawings and comedic misspellings of words.

Origin of ‘Spoderman’

Spoderman first appeared on FunnyJunk on March 29, 2012. Uploaded by user evilfederation, this portrayal of Marvel’s webbed superhero featured a comically inept drawing that looked like it was made on MS Paint. It quickly captured the attention of the internet audiences, garnering over 770 upvotes and 64,000 views in five years. This initial depiction set the tone for the meme’s humorous and satirical nature.

Dolan comics

Spoderman’s popularity is partly attributed to its association with Dolan comics, an MS Paint webcomic series featuring distorted versions of Disney characters. Originating from the Finnish image board Kuvalauta, Dolan comics provided the perfect backdrop for the absurdity of the character. The success of these comics and their characters, including Dolan and Gooby, laid the groundwork for Spoderman’s acceptance and popularity in meme culture.

Development and spread

Spoderman gained momentum as a meme with its incorporation into the Dolan comic universe. The character’s presence was solidified in a Dolan comic posted by FunnyJunk user koalablast, in which Dolan entered a science lab and became Spoder man, and says, “So many spoders.”

The meme’s popularity surged after it was featured in “The Uncle Dolan Show Episode 1” on YouTube.

By July 2012, the character had inspired the creation of dedicated YouTube channels, such as Spoderman Internatiunal and the verified Spoderman account. These channels produced themed videos like the “Spoderman Theme Song,” amassing hundreds of thousands of views.

Cultural impact and reception

The meme resonated with audiences due to its absurd humor and its parody of the well-known superhero. It presents a light-hearted take on the superhero genre by presenting a beloved character in a crudely drawn and linguistically challenged manner.

The character’s intentional misspellings, grammatical errors, and signature phrases like “an fagit” and “sweg” became a hallmark of its style. Spoderman soon found its way into comments and hashtags on various social media platforms, including Reddit, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Mainstream popularity and online presence

Over the years, Spoderman has seen various adaptations and iterations. The meme became a staple on meme-centric platforms and social media sites, evolving from its comic book origins to becoming a broader internet phenomenon. This growth was facilitated by the increasing popularity of memes as a means of digital communication and entertainment.

The universe of Spoderman and Dolan comics also includes other characters like Goofy, who was transformed into MS Paint-style characters such as Ferrari Goofy and Gooby. These characters have further enriched the popularity of Dolan comics, with each character bringing its own unique flavor to the mix.

The legacy of Spoderman

Today, Spoderman stands as a symbol of internet humor that combines parody with satire, and a unique artistic style. As internet culture continues to grow and change, the legacy of Spoderman remains a testament to the creativity and humor of online communities.

The Spoderman meme exemplifies the internet’s dynamic and playful spirit. From its origins in Dolan comics to its widespread use on various social media platforms, Spoderman has become a cultural icon that reflects the creativity and humor inherent in the online world. As it continues to evolve and inspire new content, the meme remains a beloved part of the ever-changing digital entertainment and communication landscape.

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*First Published: Dec 31, 2023, 6:00 am CST