China’s most popular social network far surpassed Twitter in terms of Olympics-related posts

China’s most resounding Olympic victory happened nowhere near London.


Sina Weibo, the country’s most popular social network, completely dominated Twitter in the race for the most Olympic-themed posts. Sina Weibo boasted 393 million Olympic-themed tweets over the course of the games, according to an infographic the company released Monday. Twitter, meanwhile, topped out at 150 million.

That ought to make up for coming second in the medal count, right?

The record won’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s been following the social media Olympics closely. Sina Weibo similarly trounced Twitter during the opening ceremonies, registering 118 million posts to Twitter’s 7 million. That means that more than a third of all Sina Weibo posts about the Olympics came during the opening ceremonies. Chinese must really like James Bond.

While Usain Bolt was breaking records on Twitter, Chinese were naturally most obsessed with their own athletes. The most talked about were record-breaking swimmer Ye Shiwen, who U.S. coach John Leonard publicly accused of doping, hurdler Liu Xiang, and gymnast Feng Zhe, according to The Next Web.

The infographic revealed data that demonstrate Sina Weibo’s domestic domination. The social network saw 300 million visits during the Olympics. Its next nearest competitor was messaging service Tencent, with 200 million.

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Sina Weibo trounces Twitter during the Olympic opening ceremonies
Sina Weibo recorded an astounding 119 million posts during the ceremonies, roughly 12 times as many as Twitter.
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