RyanAir passenger says her flight landed in the wrong country

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‘I just knew’: RyanAir passenger says her flight landed in the wrong country. Not quite

'I felt something in my bones that was telling me something was going to go wrong.'


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Posted on Apr 9, 2023   Updated on Apr 9, 2023, 9:05 pm CDT

A woman on a solo birthday trip said her flight landed in the wrong country, putting her seven hours behind schedule.

In the viral video Nayana (@nayanam.official) mouths along to the popular “bombastic side eye” TikTok sound looking visibly annoyed.

“POV: your RyanAir flight has landed in the wrong country,” the text overlay reads.

She later clarified that it landed on the country’s mainland instead of her island destination.

Nayana is clearly filming the video from her seat on a plane. She turns the phone camera around, and viewers see that her plane is grounded and several passengers are standing, seemingly trying to get more information from the flight attendant.

The original video has more than 1.6 million views and more than 2,000 comments.

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In a follow-up video Nayana says she was going on a 4-day solo birthday trip to Mallorca, an island of Spain. She adds that she had a premonition her trip wasn’t going to go as planned from the moment she boarded. While the gate was supposed to close at 9:50 for a 10:20 departure, the plane didn’t start moving until 11:30. Well after an hour behind schedule.

“From that point on, I just knew. I felt something in my bones that was telling me something was going to go wrong,” she says.

Once in the air Nayana fell asleep and was woken up by an announcement from the pilot stating they were landing soon. At that point, she begins to look out of the window and notices the plane has been circling for at least 45 minutes. The pilot then makes another announcement saying they needed to make an emergency landing because they were “about to run out of fuel” so they were going to land in Barcelona.

Nayana acknowledged that both destinations are part of Spain, but are “definitely” different destinations.

“Mallorca and Barcelona are over 150 miles away from each other, same country sure, but completely diff destinations/vibes, we knew what she meant,” a commenter said.

Mallorca is part of the Balearic Islands, which form an autonomous community in Spain. Barcelona is part of Catalonia, another autonomous community of Spain. Despite some independence movements, it’s all technically Spain.

As they made the emergency landing, there were “babies crying on the flight” and “everyone was panicking.”

Once they land, the passengers weren’t reportedly allowed off the plane for fresh air and had to sit there for two hours.

Nayana did eventually make it to her original destination but was way behind schedule. She said she paid extra to arrive at her hotel around 1pm so she could enjoy the entire day but didn’t get there until 8pm.

Many commenters hoped that Nayana was getting a flight refund while others were annoyed that she initially said she landed in a different country—a mistake she acknowledged in the video.

“I mean girl you can complain but if there was an emergency you’re lucky you’re alive,” one commenter said.

The Daily Dot reached out to both Nayana and Ryan Air for comment.

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*First Published: Apr 9, 2023, 8:52 pm CDT