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‘I drive a 2018 bmw m5… I’d go for the Nissan’: Drivers are getting luxury interiors on non-luxury cars like the Nissan Sentra

'That looks like the interior of a 50k car.'


Tangie Mitchell


Posted on Apr 16, 2024   Updated on Apr 16, 2024, 12:15 pm CDT

A Washington-based Nissan car dealership has gone viral for showing off a $27,000 Nissan Sentra with a “luxury” interior.

In a TikTok with over 59,000 views, a representative from Puyallup Nissan (@puyallupnissan) walks viewers through the car’s standout features.

“I love when car manufacturers do this,” he begins. “Take a super normal-looking four-door sedan like the Nissan Sentra and put this amazing luxury interior inside it.” 

The Nissan Sentra in question is an unassuming light blue on the outside, but the interior immediately invokes the luxury of a BMW with its black and butterscotch interior, according to the representative.

The representative suggests that putting a luxury interior in a non-luxury car gives an air of sophistication yet “keeps the costs really low.” 

“Look up here: You have the doors that match with their camel leather, quilted seats right there,” he describes. The console and the dash are also draped in the designer leather.

He then pans to the receipt for the car, showing the total to be $27,155.

“That’s the price, plus there are rebates on this vehicle depending on where you live,” he explains. He also shows that the car is a 2024 with only 10 miles on it.

“Quilted seats on a $27,000 car—can you believe this? This looks like a luxury car that you’d see at a Jaguar or BMW store,” he continues.

“I can’t think of a more luxurious interior for a car that’s less than $30,000,” he concludes as the video ends. 



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In the comments section, viewers were divided on whether non-luxury cars were made more valuable by luxury interiors or if manufacturers should focus more on the car’s reliability and performance. 

“It is very pretty. But it will always be in the shop. Nissans are so unreliable. Pretty, but I’ll buy a basic Civic/Accord Corolla/Camry. Cloth seats are fine with me,” one viewer argued. 

“It’s still a Nissan. Could be solid gold and a Civic would be better,” another wrote.

“Yeahhh, I’ll keep my Jaguar,” came a third comment.

“Only is they can stop using CVT, we’d be back to the glory days of Nissan,” another viewer shared.

In 2022, Nissan reached a settlement of $277 million in class-action suit claiming that Nissan knowingly equipped certain models with defective continuously variable transmissions, or CVTs. According to Car Complaints, the lawsuit claimed the CVTs of the Nissan models “shake, jerk, hesitate, lag, decelerate and finally fail, requiring expensive transmission replacements.” The models included 2014 to 2018 Nissan Rogues, 2015 to 2018 Nissan Pathfinders, and 2015 to 2018 Infiniti QX60s. Settlement Class members were also offered limited warranty extensions for new vehicles as part of the settlement. 

From the comments under Puyallup Nissan’s video, it seems the lawsuit continues to affect Nissan’s reputation with some car owners and buyers—and it will take more than a luxury interior to fix it.

“Quilted Leather does not equal luxury,” one viewer wrote, with another responding, “Luxury means you have a real transmission, ventilated seats, and a smooth ride. This Nissan has none of those.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Puyallup Nissan via TikTok direct message for more information. 

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*First Published: Apr 16, 2024, 11:00 pm CDT