Kim Dotcom hosts epic pool party for Twitter followers

dotcom pool

The eccentric Megaupoad founder joined Twitter last week and celebrated with a poolside rendezvous with a few of his fans. 

If an exuberant multi-millionaire invites you over to swim in his pool, there shouldn’t be any hesitation in answering him with a “yes.”

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, who is currently embroiled in a largess of legal issues, asked a few lucky people to come to his New Zealand mansion for a dip on Sunday. This all transpired via Twitter, which Dotcom started using just last Tuesday.

Dotcom was having his usual Sunday rendezvous, driving around his estate in motorbikes and swimming, when a puzzled Twitter user, Ben Gracewood, asked Dotcom if he spends all day driving around and posing for pictures. “I could live like that,” Gracewood joked.

Dotcom replied, “Come over now!”  

Gracewood, along with two others, lived “like that” for a few hours, at least. They went over to Dotcom’s house and tweeted for a few hours.

To prove that this bizarre experience was actually happening, Dotcom posted photos and live-tweeted the event with the hashtag #swimatkims. He tweeted the pool party was “fun” and hinted that he might hold another one in the future. (We posted a Storify created by a New Zealand magazine of the event below.)

“#swimatkims will return for everybody. Need a big public pool. Awesome DJ. Sound & lights. Who’s in?,” tweeted Dotcom. Gracewood created a website and posted on his blog about his ordeal.

“It was a mix of completely surreal and utterly mundane,” Gracewood wrote .

A mundane experience that only the eclectic Dotcom could pull off.

Photo via Instagram

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