Jose Canseco has returned to Twitter, and we still have no idea what he’s tweeting about.

After a brief Twitter hiatus, bombastic baseball star Jose Canseco is back.

And he started right where he left off, posting random, bizarre tweets about everything from threesomes with Lady Gaga, to masturbating, to bromances with his poop.

“If someone doesn’t day [sic] something funny quick I will erase my Twitter account again and you all will be eternally lost without me,” Canseco’s officials account tweeted. “I complete you.”

Canseco, who first rose to fame in the 1980s as a hard-hitting member of the Oakland Athletics, became embroiled in a minor Twitter controversy earlier this week after questions were raised about who really runs his hugely popular account.

The baseball player then briefly disappeared from Twitter for reasons that remain unknown.

Since his return, just about all of Canseco’s posts have been retweeted more than 30 times, including this gem: “Would you swallow your dogs throw up to save your best friend from dieing [sic].”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Canseco’s manager to find out what the hell is going on.

Until then, let’s hope Canseco doesn’t stop bringing the awesome.

Photo via @josecanseco 

Did Jose Canseco quit Twitter?
The controversial baseball slugger appears to have pulled the plug after rumors swirled a ghostwriter was responsible for his bizarre and beloved tweets. 
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