Nervous student Jeremy Epstein—and his little sister—earn Twitter adoration


The student who posed the first question at tonight’s presidential debate got some familial support on Twitter. 

Tonight, all eyes were on Jeremy Epstein.

The 20-year-old college student catapulted into the nation’s adoration after asking the first question in Tuesday night’s presidential debate. It wasn’t Epstein’s query about how each candidate plans to create jobs that caught everyone’s attention, but it was his nervous, dorky, and star-crossed demeanor that made everyone plotz for him.

Also curious was @JewBoyProblems, an amusing Twitter account dedicated to all things chosen. He asked his 17,000 followers about Epstein’s identity. Predictably, many people said they were distant cousins or went to camp with him, but a user named @kepyyy (i.e. Kayla Epstein) revealed herself to be his younger sister (and submitted photo evidence on Twitter.)

Like any rambunctious little sister, she shared stories, embarrassing pictures, and was very astounded by the attention he was receiving. “JEREMY EPSTEIN IS MY BROTHER IM FAMOUS HES FAMOUS WERE ALL FAMOUS,” she tweeted after seeing him on television.

Let’s dig through her profile and learn six things about Jeremy thanks to his sister, who we’re sure he’s going to be very annoyed with.

Photo via @kepyyy/Twitter

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