Customer says IRS came in to close restaurant for tax evasion while they were eating


‘I still got my food though’: Customer says IRS came in to close restaurant for tax evasion while they were eating

'That's how you know the food is good.'


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Posted on Jul 3, 2023

A TikToker captured the moment the IRS allegedly came to close down a Burmese restaurant for tax evasion.

Rufaro (@misruffless) was filming whom she says were the owners picking herbs from nearby tubs, while she waited on her food. Shortly after, IRS agents allegedly came to close the restaurant for tax evasion. Viewed more than 574,000 times as of Monday, the video sparked an assortment of comments ranging from surprise to questions about the food.

Here’s what we know so far.

“If you guys have ever eaten at a restaurant that looks like this,” Rufaro begins in her video, panning her camera to show the whole restaurant. “The owners over there like picking leaves directly from the food we are about to be eating. I just know the food is about to be so good.” Her camera shot shows workers picking herbs by hand near the register.

Suddenly, the clip cuts to a close-up on her face. She whispers, “Guys, the IRS just came in here and they’re closing the restaurant down for tax evasion.” Her camera then goes to someone posting a green sign to the front door of the restaurant.

“I still got my food though,” she says, sipping some broth. “It’s so good.”

@misruffless Wait until the end 😂😂😂 #holeinthewall #burmeserestaurant #irs #taxevasion #lunch #laksa #burmeserestaurant #fthepolice ♬ original sound – Rufaro ❤️

Her video cuts to her standing outside of the restaurant. “So, they just decided that their going to take it off,” she explains. “That’s the guy taking the sign off the door.” Her video shows a man scrubbing a green sign from the restaurant door.

Some users joked about how good the food must be.

“That’s how you know the food is good,” one user quipped.

“But was it as good As expected,” a user asked.

“EVEN BETTER!!!” Rufaro responded.

“IRS shutting it down? You know the spot is legit then!” joked another.

“Low key this makes me think the food tastes even better,” a fourth agreed.

Others commented about IRS practices and wondered how many of their own favorites avoided taxes.

“This worries me. I wanna go to my fav authentic spot and ask if they need help on their tax forms I can’t lose them,” one said.

“My favorite restaurant takes cash only. And I KNOW they don’t pay taxes,” another agreed.

“They’ll be back to cease all their equipment to sell off,” a user explained.

“You know how many years you gotta evade to get an agent in person?” asked a user.

It’s unclear where this took place. The Daily Dot reached out to Rufaro via TikTok comments for more information.

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*First Published: Jul 3, 2023, 11:47 pm CDT