Internet Cat Video Film Festival debuts Aug. 30

cat film fest

Here’s final proof that cats rule the Web. 

Crazy cat people of the Internet finally have a safe place where they can talk about their favorite diabolical creatures.

The Internet Cat Video Film Festival will make its debut Aug. 30  in Minneapolis, Minn., allowing fans to collectively watch cats play the piano, jump off couches, and be general jerks to other animals. The film festival is part of the Walker Arts Center’s “Open Field” initiative, which seeks input and participation from art purveyors.

The hour-long session is meant to “openly release your cat-video-induced giggles and emotions that are otherwise muffled by computer screens and constrained by cubicles,” according to a note on the Walker Arts Center website.

Cat videos have been around as long as the Internet, so a festival dedicated to them seems like a natural next-step in our festival-giddy environment.

“Let’s transform this singular small screen viewing experience into a shared celebration with the larger-than-life projection of these silly clips out on the Open Field,” the site proclaims.

Cat people can submit their favorite cat videos before July 30. The chosen videos will played at the “free, open to the public, and cat-friendly” event.

We’re team dog videos, so we’re already planning on being busy that day.

Photo via Walker Art Center

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