Woman says she was hurt by worker at a haunted corn maze

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‘I’m never going to another haunted house’: Woman says she was hurt by worker at a haunted corn maze

‘Worked at a haunted house for one day until I realized they had real knives.’


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TikToker Laura Wood (@llauraaawood) said that she sustained an injury while visiting a haunted corn maze after one of the workers allegedly brought in real knives, even though he was allegedly told not to do so.

She said in a video that amassed over 2.3 million views that she is now suffering from “a lifetime of phantom pains and ptsd,” while the worker “only got community service.”

In a previous video that accrued over 48,000 views, Wood hinted that she received some sort of settlement. “Thank u to that worker who stabbed me in a haunted corn maze. Now I can buy a house,” she shared while lip-syncing to the popular audio, “To my man, thank you to my man.” (The audio comes from Latto’s speech at the BET Awards.) In that same video, Wood also showed her wound in what appears to be the immediate aftermath as well as the scar that now resides on her upper arm.

Wood often posts about the incident and refers to herself as “Miss stabby” in her bio. She recently shared that the person who she claims stabbed her later asked for her number at a church event. “Should’ve seen the light drain from his face when I told him why I looked familiar,” she wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Wood via TikTok comment for further information.

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In a storytime video that has since been removed from the platform, Wood said she visited the corn maze for a friend’s birthday, which was a few weeks before Halloween. Wood said she was disoriented by the strobe lights and fake screams happening in the corn maze when she heard a snap. She said she felt what she described as a “warm wetness” dripping down her body and that she soon realized this was her own blood.

“I looked at my hand while the strobe lights were happening, ’cause I had no idea what was going on. I had no idea why my hands were wet, and the strobe lights, at some point, were white, so I was able to see that there was blood on my hand,” she said.

Wood said her friend thought that her cries for help were part of some elaborate prank, as they had been “doing that to each other all night long.” Wood said that it was only after her friend turned on her flashlight to look at Wood’s arm that her friend realized Wood was not joking.

Wood then showed a picture of the injury, right before the 4-minute mark in her video. The TikToker said one of the actors broke character to tend to her. She said she felt “super woozy” but that she didn’t start crying until the actor speculated that she would need stitches.

Wood said all the workers eventually broke character to help her exit the maze and make it to the ambulance. She said the owner of the corn maze, which she never disclosed, also accompanied her to the hospital.

Wood said the owner told hospital workers he had “no idea” how the injury happened. She said he referenced the “snapping” noise Wood heard before her arm was sliced open, speculating that a tree branch may’ve snapped and cut her arm. Wood’s doctor, she said, came to the conclusion that wouldn’t have been possible given the extent of the injury. She said the cut “went all the way to her bone, slicing her artery.”

Wood admitted the event was a blur but said she needed over 200 stitches. She said she went back to the corn maze three days later with a police officer and the owner to figure out exactly what happened. “We went back to the same spot and when I say there was so much blood just trailing, there was so much,” she said.

Wood said both the owner and police determined the injury was caused by a “nail” or a “tree branch.” But later that day, one of the actors from the attraction reached out to Wood’s brother to see how Wood was doing. That actor, Wood said, saw what allegedly really happened to Wood.

Wood said the person she claimed stabbed her dressed up as the Joker for the attraction. She added that he “was fully aware of the rules not to bring knives.”

“So the corn maze told him ‘no,’ and his parents—he ended up asking his parents if he could bring his knives—and they said no. From my understanding, it was a really, really big knife,” she said. “What had happened was, he was hiding in the bushes while I was passing, so he was doing his job, so that’s not the problem.

“The problem is when he jumped out,” she continued. “They say it’s an accident, I don’t know if I believe that. He had jumped out of the bushes with his hands like this, with the knives in his hands.”

Wood demonstrated how the young man jumped out, holding two “knives” across her chest.

Wood said one of the knives went “in, and it went down,” which is why her wound was so deep. Wood said she remembers looking into the young man’s eyes and standing “face to face with him,” noticing, even in her disoriented state, that he was scared. She said he “immediately ran off.”

In part two of her storytime, she further detailed how she ran into the young man at a church dance. Although she said she tried avoiding him, the young man allegedly took her hand anyway and tried to get her to dance with him. She said he asked her a bunch of questions about her personal life. “If you accidentally did it, don’t you think you’d have a lifetime full of guilt and shame?” she questioned in the video.

Wood said the guy asked her for her number and told her she looked familiar. Wood said she responded by letting him know the reason she looked so familiar to him.

Wood added in the clip that even though she didn’t really feel the stab when it occurred, the phantom pains from the wound still haunt her today.

Wood also updated her bio to share that “Part 1 got taken down,” indicating that TikTok removed the video.

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