Dollar Tree gift bag section unorganized with caption 'Y'all say clean up the gift bag section at Dollar Tree? ...Ok gotcha!!' (l) Dollar Tree worker organizing bags with Dollar Tree logo at bottom (c) Dollar Tree gift ag area clean (r)

@angelachestnut/TikTok Dollar Tree Inc./Wikimedia Commons Remix by Caterina Cox

‘And look the next week it will be that bad again .. do better people!’: Dollar Tree worker has to clean up gift bag section after customers mess it up

'Are they fighting the bags or what?!?'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on May 25, 2023

A worker is going viral on TikTok for showing the reality of working at Dollar Tree and how it can take hours to reorganize certain sections after customers have messed them up.

In the video, Angela (@angelachestnut) shows the incredible mess of the gift bag section at her Dollar Tree location. Instead of hanging up on the wall racks, half the bags are strewn together in various heaps on the bottom of the shelf and the floor. There’s even a shopping cart at the end of the aisle half full of party supplies and other miscellaneous items. The gift bag section appears to be several yards long.

“Y’all say clean up the gift bag section at Dollar Tree?…. Ok gotcha!!” Angela wrote in the text overlay on the video.

In a fast-forwarded clip, viewers see how Angela tackles the organization process. First, she puts up the bags that are already grouped together; then she sits on the floor as she sorts through bags that are all mixed together. Customers can be seen walking up and down the aisle in the background. As Angela finishes up, she pulls out a ladder to place the bags at different levels on the wall.

Once the section is nice and tidy, Angela sweeps up the floor to get rid of the random debris and paper products left behind.

At the end of the TikTok, Angela shows off her work. The once disastrous area is now perfectly organized, making it easier for customers to find the gift bags and wrapping supplies they’re looking for.

“Time went by so fast!!!” Angela shared in the caption.


Watch me clean up the gift bag section at Dollar .25 Tree!!.. Time went by so fast!!!

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The video has garnered more than a million views and thousands of comments as of Thursday morning.

In the comments section, Angela explained that while some stores aren’t able to tackle major messes like the one in the video until the store is closed, she’s able to do it during store hours because tidying is her sole responsibility. She doesn’t have to stock or run the cash register.

She did add that, in her experience, she’ll fix up displays only for them to get messed up within the next few minutes.

Commenters commended Angela’s work and urged store goers to be more conscious about not making a mess when they go out.

“And look the next week it will be that bad again .. do better people !” one viewer wrote.

“This is sad that ppl come in stores and just pull ish down. Then say the store is dirty. Great job! You r appreciated,” another said.

“Some people are rude and inconsiderate when they go shopping! You did amazing it’s so satisfying watching organizing it!” a third user commented.

In a follow-up video, Angela shows what the section looked like when she returned to work the following Monday.

@angelachestnut Replying to @Jana ♬ original sound – Angela Chestnut

The gift bag section wasn’t nearly as messy as it was before Angela organized it, however, some customers still left a mess of bags that she had to address.

“Not as bad as i expected!! But man… sorry girl,” one commenter noted.

“Are they fighting the bags or what?!? I don’t get it,” another wrote, shocked at the lack of respect.

The Daily Dot reached out to Angela for comment via TikTok direct message and to Dollar Tree via email.

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*First Published: May 25, 2023, 9:58 am CDT