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‘Bro ate the real one and bought another one’: Married couple suspects they received the wrong cake a year after their wedding

'Is this carrot cake?'


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Posted on Dec 5, 2023   Updated on Dec 5, 2023, 8:53 am CST

A year after their wedding, a couple suspected they may have received the wrong wedding cake. Viewers on TikTok joked that the husband knows more than he’s letting on. The bride later revealed that the mix-up was their own mistake.

At weddings, the newlywed couple is often so busy with guests and hopped up on the adrenaline of the day that they end up barely eating any of the food they painstakingly chose.

For those who didn’t get to try their wedding cake on that day, there’s a tradition that gives them a second chance to literally savor the moment.

Many couples save the smaller top tier of their wedding cake and freeze it. A year later, on their anniversary date, they thaw out the wedding cake and eat it as they celebrate their first year of marriage.

This is exactly what Andrea (@itsdreaestefania) and her hubby did, but when they ate their slices, they were met with an unexpected surprise.

“Trying our wedding cake a year later to find out they made the wrong flavor,” Andrea said in the text overlay of the video.

At the beginning of the TikTok, Andrea’s husband is seen feeding her a large spoonful of cake, which she happily accepts. At first, she seems to be happily savoring the baked good until the confusion sets in.

“Is this carrot cake?” she wonders to herself before asking it out loud.

While carrot cake is considered delicious by many, it’s not a very common wedding cake flavor.

“Mhhhmm,” her husband replies. Andrea thinks he said it in an even tone to keep her calm so she wouldn’t suspect something was wrong.

She questions if this is what they chose, and again her husband reassures her it is.

“We didn’t choose carrot cake for our wedding cake,” Andrea says, looking at the sweet with suspicion. “We chose amapola.” (Amapola is poppy in Spanish.)

While Andrea insists that wasn’t the cake they chose the couple ended up laughing off the mistake.

“Now you know we didnt eat at our wedding either lol,” Andrea added in the caption.

While they initially thought the bakery served the wrong cake, Andrea said in an Instagram direct message that it was actually their mistake. They had a poppy and lemon cake for the wedding and a carrot cake for the rehearsal dinner.

“After posting though I went back through the archives and I think they did make the right cake, my mother in law just saved the wrong cake lol. We did get carrot cake but for our rehearsal dinner, which is where I think this actually came from,” Andrea said.


Now you know we didnt eat at our wedding either lol.

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The video has garnered nearly 3 million views and hundreds of comments as of Tuesday morning.

“His face is saying…..well what are we gonna do about it now,” the top comment read.

Several people speculated that the mistaken cake came from the husband.

“Bro ate the real one and bought another one,” a person said.

“Plot twist, he ate it one day with the munchies and replaced it with carrot cake,” another wrote.

Others had their own insights to share about the mixup and the couple’s reaction.

“Not only is it wrong it’s carrot cake of all things,” a viewer pointed out.

“The way she wanted to call that baker up and complain,” another assumed.

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*First Published: Dec 5, 2023, 10:00 am CST