Woman Working at Arby's explaining that she is bored

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‘Don’t tempt me to apply’: Arby’s worker says she’s always bored because ‘who TF eats at Arby’s’

‘People just hate on it cause the roast beef.’


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An Arby’s employee in Illinois described working at the fast-food chain as “cool” until the store slows down. 

In her TikTok video, user Alicia (@aliciuh555) claims “there’s literally nothing to do” in the store due to a lack of customers. She ponders the question: “Who TF eats at Arby’s?” She’s wearing her Arby’s uniform and headset in the clip, which was viewed 121,500 times since it was first posted on May 20.


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“Take that as a blessing,” viewer Skye (@aishiaskye) wrote. “Busy fast food jobs are their own special level of hell.”

An Arby’s store in Ephrata, Pennsylvania is considered the chain’s busiest location, according to a 2015 article from Thrillist. At least in 2015, the store prepared “913 entrées, 103 orders of curly  fries, 300 mozzarella sticks,” and 94 shakes on an average day, according to statistics cited by Thrillist. Some workers shared that their Arby’s location also gets really busy.

“My Arby’s is kinda busy cause I’m in a small conservative town I think,” Caden (@twohandscomfortably) said. “Funnily enough all my coworkers are progressive + queer.”

“It gets so busy in the summer,” another alleged worker revealed. 

As for “who TF eats at Arby’s,” some users commented that the majority of customers are senior citizen-aged, with one claiming that this made their store even busier. 

Workers of other notable fast-food chains also chimed in. A former Wendy’s worker lamented the fact that their store never experienced a lull in customers. “Never got to leave the window, they worked me like a dog since it was so busy and no one else would do it,” user @whodiscutemf wrote.

“I wish it was like this at McDonald’s,” user Anna (@frankcastlesbabiemama) said. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Alicia via TikTok comment.

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