Applebee’s customer says worker got fired in the middle of serving them

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‘You’re not supposed to act like that as a server’: Applebee’s customer says worker got fired in the middle of serving them

'I'm glad he got fired, NOBODY should ever be treated that way regardless!'


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Posted on Jan 5, 2024   Updated on Jan 5, 2024, 3:18 pm CST

An Applebee’s server went to dine at a restaurant off-shift and was so appalled by the waiter’s behavior that he didn’t seem all too surprised when he learned they were fired in the middle of their shift.

Rae (@raeshorn101) uploaded a viral TikTok sharing his terrible time at Applebee’s as he detailed nearly every aspect of his dining experience: from placing drink orders, receiving the wrong food, down to even getting a table, was handled offensively by the server he and his friends were assigned.

Rae begins his video by saying that his server was fired in the middle of serving him, and it sounds like the mid-shift termination was justified. The TikToker says that they are a current worker of Applebee’s and they have never treated a customer in the way that the fired server did, no matter how “overwhelmed” he was.

From the sound of his story, it seems that his problems with the waiter began from the jump—Rae says the server told him he was dealing with a lot of tables and that he could sit at the bar if he wanted to.

Rae says the way he spoke to him was filled with “attitude” which he didn’t understand because he wasn’t being impolite.

Then it came down to the drink orders, which Rae claims were pretty much all wrong, including the strawberry lemonade he requested in a plastic cup. Instead, he says the server brought up his beverage in a “greasy” glass and he asked for it to be in a plastic cup instead, to which the server audibly “grunted” in response.

To make matters worse, Rae shares that the server called his table “the most difficult” one he had for his shift. Rae says he would’ve even got up and punched the food in himself for his table of four because of how simple it was, but it seems like he just decided to grin and bear the waiting service from hell, instead.

When the server brought their food out, Rae says he heard him mumble under his breath, “f*cking c*nts,” which he didn’t understand because, as the TikToker relays, neither he nor anyone at his table said anything derogatory to the server.

Things didn’t get much better once their food finally made it to their table: according to Rae, everything was “wrong” and “nasty” and the server didn’t key anything into the POS correctly. It was at this point Rae and his table questioned whether or not to get a manager involved.

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As it turns out, they must’ve not been the only table who had a problem with the server’s attitude—Rae says he heard murmurs that it was the third time within the hour that a supervisor was contacted about the server’s behavior. Not long after, Rae says he heard someone yelling at a person to get out, and as it turns out, his newly appointed server told him that it was indeed his previous server being fired.

“And no I don’t like seeing anybody lose their job but like if you come in with that attitude even when it’s busy you’re not supposed to act like that as a server,” he concludes. “When you’re a server you’re supposed to stay calm in all situations. I know it gets overwhelming but if you’re overwhelmed, tell them that you can’t serve any more tables.”

Some viewers shared their own issues with Applebee’s servers, like this one TikToker who penned, “I remember going to one and asked for a water with lemon. My cup had an apple chunk in it.”

Another person also didn’t think that there was any excuse for the server to be acting the way he was, writing, “I’m glad he got fired, NOBODY should ever be treated that way regardless!”

One TikToker said that they have a co-worker who behaves similarly to the server Rae referred to in his clip.

“I literally have a coworker that be talking crazyyy whenever she gets overwhelmed by her tables,” they shared. “Like girl these ppl paying for yo mortgage!”

Another server commented that while they can understand being forced to function in a high-stress environment, what they can’t comprehend or appreciate is subjecting patrons to abuse.

“As a server, I treat everyone nice and I agree it can be stressful at times but you always gotta remain calm and not take it out on customers,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Applebee’s and Rae via email for further information.

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*First Published: Jan 5, 2024, 5:00 pm CST