Apartment shares notice that searches with ‘Animal Crossing’ or ‘Judy Hops’ will be blocked after 32% of residents were found searching adult content of animals

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‘Are they allowed to access that info?’: Apartment shares notice that searches with ‘Animal Crossing’ or ‘Judy Hops’ will be blocked after 32% of residents were found searching problematic content

'Is this real?'


Tiffanie Drayton


Posted on Sep 22, 2023

An apartment building took strange steps to censor their tenants’ internet access after making a shocking discovery about the kind of content they were searching for.

In a viral video with over 809,000 views, TikTok user Tess (@tesslovenn) captured a strange notice posted in the building’s elevator.

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“Everyday our WI-FI logs have caught hundreds of unique devices acceding bestiality websites,” the notice read. “We love animals too, but not in that way. When all data is put into account, a whopping 32% of residents have accessed bestiality content at some time during the current leasing period.”

The sign noted that these internet searches included “drawn content as well.”

The building then made it clear that it would be taking a moral stand against the alleged indecent behavior by restricting the tenants’ access to certain search terms, writing, “In response, any search containing the words “Judy Hops” or “Animal Crossing” will now be blocked.”

According to the building’s website, it appears to house mostly Colorado State University students. It offers studios and 1-3 bedroom units that are close to the campus.

“You’re never far away from fun or your classes at our apartments,” the website boasts.

The Daily Dot reached out to Union on Alley apartments for comment by phone and left a voice message.

In the comments section, many wondered if it was appropriate for the building to track its tenants’ internet search history.

“Why are they going on the wifi logs?” one user asked.

“Everybody’s focusing on the words, and missing the fact that apparently the landlord is viewing resident’s browsing history?” another added.

Others questioned if the notice was real or a prank.

“Is this real?” one commenter asked.

A second claimed that no one from the building was tracking the residents’ internet searches, and that the notice was just a silly joke pulled off by a few students.

“It’s a meme, someone at my buddies university printed and posted up throughout campus,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot also reached out to Tess via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Sep 22, 2023, 1:48 pm CDT