Taylor Swift stan account shocks Twitter by explaining recent jail time

One Taylor Swift parody Twitter account achieved viral fame on Tuesday, not for ironic TayTay memes but for candidly announcing a return to the platform after a two-month prison sentence, promising business-as-usual banter.


The post quickly gained thousands of likes and retweets. Twitter was extremely delighted.


But it was when the account explained the reason behind the prison sentence that people lost it.


Even the user behind @LegitTayUpdates saw the funny side of it all.


The hiatus had originally been announced to followers back on Feb. 2. @LegitTayUpdates explained they’d be serving a brief stint behind bars as punishment for refusing to fulfill mandatory service in the Israeli military.


The Taylor-loving conscientious objector had even managed to publish a message to their beloved Twitter community from their jail cell in late February.


@LegitTayUpdates used all the newfound attention to educate users on the cause over which they’d went to jail, Palestinian solidarity by dodging the draft, and encouraged users to donate to the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund.

David Gilmour

David Gilmour

David Gilmour is a reporter who specializes in national politics, internet culture, and technology.