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YouTuber Pyrocynical accused of ‘grooming’ teen

Pyrocynical denies the allegations.


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After an individual accused him of grooming them at 15 years old, YouTuber Pyrocynical denied soliciting nudes or “IRL content,” Dexerto reports.

An unnamed individual who goes by the name Ivory on Twitter posted a thread on Oct. 29 accusing the 23-year-old YouTuber of grooming them when they were a 15-year-old. Ivory also said Pyrocynical, who’s known for movie and game analysis, sent them “fetishy YouTube videos.”

“Pyrocynical groomed me, and i have screenshots to prove it,” Ivory wrote. “I’ve been sitting thinking about this shit nonstop, being angry, confused, and sad that I’ve had to accept this since i was 15, but i never said anything cus i felt powerless.”

Ivory said they were “just happy to be talking” to Pyrocynical and posted screenshots of some of their interactions.

Pyrocynical, who has posted YouTube videos since 2014, has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube. He responded to Ivory’s thread on his subreddit and denied grooming and soliciting explicit photos.

“I have never sent or solicited nude or IRL content,” Pyrocynical wrote. “I have never tried to engineer an illicit encounter or lure anybody into anything. I have never built a dialogue, connection or relationship with the intention of manipulating or exploiting anyone.”

The YouTuber also posted screenshots of conversations and accused Ivory of initiating foreplay.

In an interview with YouTuber Tommy C’s SFTP, Ivory defines grooming as “manipulating a child into a sexual situation” and says they “definitely” experienced that.

Pyrocynical did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment.

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