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Today, we remember our first time. 

Do you even remember a time before Gchat? Before you could just glance to that little sidebar to the left and click who-so-ever you chose to be the target of your ranting?

Be it work-, friend-, boredom-, or alcohol-related, Gchat is a one-stop shop for idle and necessary banter alike. 

And today it wasn’t working for a really long time and we all freaked out.

Did you think you’d miss Gchat? I didn’t. We all use Twitter, right? And group chat programs for work? It turns out Gchat is still a necessary form of private communication in a world where everything we write is public. We started to feel… sentimental.

This temporary absense inspired us to try and think back to B.G.C.—Before Gchat. How did we function?! And thus we went toiling back to find—you guessed it!—our very first Gchat conversations. Behold our misguided obliviousness. We were as skeptical about this chatting-on-Gmail thing as we were about a certain microblogging service that had just taken off.

How this is possible, I’m uncertain, but I guess enigmas walk amongst us.

Of course, we all know that plenty of our Gchats must remain off the record. Daily Dot writer Audra Schroeder was refreshingly honest: “My first Gchat is NSFW. Sorry.” I wish I could say the same. We all do. 

Illustration by Jason Reed

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