Facebook helped a man reunite with his nanny 30 years later

A nanny was reunited with her beloved charge 30 years after they last saw each other, thanks to an emotional Facebook post that went viral. 

When Francisco Diaz was a little boy, his biological mother left him and his family. Diaz and his siblings were forced to live with his grandmother, who beat them and fed them so poorly that their nanny had to sneak them ham so they wouldn’t starve.

After Diaz and his siblings were put up for adoption, that nanny, Yeny Zaera, was forced to bid them an emotional goodbye. Although she hired a private detective to track down Diaz, they never saw each other again—until now.  

30 years later, Zaera wrote an emotional Facebook post about her relationship with her beloved charge: 

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The post went viral, and eventually Diaz’s sister saw the Facebook post and got Zaera in touch with her brother. On Mar. 14, the two had a tearful reunion after spending nearly 30 years apart.

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H/T Business Insider | Photo via Yeny Zaera/Facebook

Dylan Love

Dylan Love

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