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‘It’s f*cking laughable’: Worker says her job would rather replace her with 6 people than give her a raise, sparking debate

‘They’re now going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay these salaries.’


Rebekah Harding


A worker says in a now-deleted TikTok that her job is bringing on a total of six employees to cover the responsibilities of her role after she quit instead of giving her a raise.

In the video originally posted by TikToker Clara Sterling (@thatclarafied) on Aug. 26, she says that six days from her final working day, her employer posted her job as an opening.

“They actually told me that they’re breaking it in half into two positions so now they’re hiring two people,” Sterling says in the clip. “This is in addition to the four people that we just promoted that I helped interview to take on a bunch of the tasks that I had been doing for the past year.”

Sterling continues that it may be difficult for her employer to fill the two roles that are designed to replace her, saying that “no one internally has the skills and no one externally has the business knowledge to just jump in and do it.”

“So instead of just paying me the extra 20 to 30 thousand dollars a year and giving me a fair title, they’re now going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay these salaries, not including all of the money and time it takes to go through the hiring and training process,” Sterling says. “It’s fucking laughable.”

The video has reached over 407,000 views as of Tuesday, with other workers sharing their experiences with being denied a raise, only for their employer to spend more funds bringing on additional employees.

“My company hired 2 people to replace me while I am still there and paid them more than I make even though they said they couldn’t afford my raise,” one user wrote.

“I asked for a $5 raise for the additional roles I did and was denied. They hired 4 people to replace me and they made more than what I was asking for,” another said.

“Ah yup! when I left the last job because they wouldn’t give me a dollar raise…they hired 5 people to replace me. they all quit within 6 months,” a third added.

Sterling’s decision to leave her role due to low wages and unfair work distribution is part of a larger trend of millennials and Gen-Z workers leaving toxic or stagnant work environments, dubbed “the Great Resignation.” Other commenters suggested that her petition for a raise may have been denied because of workplace misogyny.

“I was replaced by 6 people as well, and a middle-aged man with none of the skills to oversee it all. Really fueled my female millennial rage since my 5k raise was denied due to ‘wage equity,’” one user shared.

“I hear you. my last job did the same. a job a woman did in a man’s world. they had to hire 2 young men to do my job. what’s that tell you,” another said.

“Me & my co-work LITERALLY do the same job. He gets $7k more than me. I asked to be bought to his level. They said no,” a third added.

The Daily Dot reached out to Sterling via Twitter direct message for this story.

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