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‘This is exactly what corporate America is afraid of’: Worker explains why she job hops so frequently

'Not putting up with that.'


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Posted on Feb 23, 2023

In the wake of “quiet quitting” and rise of worker strikes (Axios reports a 50% increase in the last year), many people are quitting their jobs either due to disrespect from higher-ups or better opportunities. A recent viral TikTok illuminates this conversation. 

The TikTok user @sasssquashh, said in a video posted on Jan. 28 that she recently left a new job orientation, and she was driving to her current job to give her one-week notice.

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“At the first sign of disrespect I’m looking for a new job and the moment that I find a job that pays equally or more I’m out, ” @sasssquashh said.

The video creator alludes to her former higher-ups yelling at her, conveying that it’s unfair to be expected to clock in every day just to be yelled at by other adults. (The Daily Dot reached out to @sasssquashh via TikTok message.)

A Pew Research study found that, in 2021, 63% of United States workers said attributed their job resignations to low pay, another 63% said there were no opportunities for advancement, and 57% said they felt disrespected at work.

TikTok users debated about the practicality and morality of job hopping.

One commented, “I’ve done this for 15 years, you’ll be fine haha. I hope you work for yourself one day too.”

“Girl cause why am I like this,” another user wrote. “Talk to me crazy? Okay, goodbye good luck! Cause I know I give 110% so no, not putting up with that.”

Other commenters weren’t so optimistic.

“At some point in your life this will become exhausting and you will want to stay at that job,” a user commented.

“At some point you gotta realize it’s not the job that’s the issue lol,” another added.

To which @sasssquashh replied by sharing her grievances about the normalized disrespect in corporate America.

@sasssquashh Replying to @smoothoperator31 ♬ original sound – SquishSquashh🤘

“I’m 29 years old—I will be 30 soon—and my manager was 23 talking to me like I was 5, and that will never be tolerated,” the video creator states. “I will get a new job.”

In a follow-up video, @sasssquashh refutes the notion that coaching someone has to rely on yelling, stating that it’s not responsible or upholding accountability to yell and scream at employees.

The video creator also said she has tripled her income in the last 18 months and how that wouldn’t be possible if she had stayed at jobs that treated her unfairly.

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*First Published: Feb 23, 2023, 6:36 pm CST